The Accidental Pugilist.

Vincent and I decided to go for a walk today before the big storm arrived, and, as is customary, we ended by heading for the Glacial Potholes. Vincent was carrying a large chunk of frozen snow that he was keen to pitch into the rushing water, and I let him because, well, he looked so determined and adorable doing it.

This story could not possibly end well.

As he carried his little iceberg, Vincent tripped on another, and smacked his face into the one in his hands. He responded very well, actually, crying briefly, and then pointed to the Potholes and cried, “Waterfall! Waterfall!” so we continued our walk, but I’m ever so thankful that I at least had a napkin in my pocket to press to his bleeding nose. He looks like he went a round or two in the ring with Tonya Harding.