Salman Rushdie.

I don’t generally post about fiction because I think there are enough people writing about it, and my first love is poetry.  But I have to make an exception:  I’m about 20 pages from finishing Salman Rushdie’s new novel, The Enchantress of Florence, and had to put it down because I want to finish it when I won’t be interrupted — it’s that good.  He’s woven a rich tapestry of a story, complicated and beautiful.  I think it’s his best book in years.


4 responses to “Salman Rushdie.”

  1. I didn’t even know this was out! I loved Midnight’s Children and am so happy to have your recommendation for this one.

  2. Well, Lily, it’s not, quite, yet…but soon! As a bookseller, I have access to advance reading copies (ARC’s) — so when your novel’s coming, make sure I get one! :o)

  3. Ah ha! So THAT”s how it works. As for your ARC, I’ll be sending that along with a box of chocolate. Or nice paperclips. Or, you know, whatever currently floats your boat, the one with two babies in it!

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