Big Boat ride in a hole in the ground…

The first time I watched “On the Town,” I thought what they were singing in the big “New York, New York” number was “A big boat ride in a hole in the ground.” Yes, never mind that it makes no sense, I figured it out a good long time later (for the uninitiated, as unimaginable as that is: “and the people ride in a hole in the ground”).

So we took a mini-break this weekend, drove up to New Hampshire to Newfound Lake, and then to Lake Winnipesaukee today, where Vincent got to take a big boat ride. “Big” is relative — we were supposed to go out on a REALLY big boat, but due to the crazy weather (and lack of customers) we ended up on a smaller tugboat-sized number. But big enough for me! My boys love boats.

Prince of the World!

Lake Winnipesaukee.