An era ends.

Today, after 71 years in business, the Jeffery Amherst Bookshop closed its doors to the public for the final time. And while I’m sad that Amherst has lost my favorite bookstore & that I’m shortly to be unemployed (there’s still a fair amount of work to be done, just no bookselling), that my next son will never grow up in the bookstore as Vincent has done, I confess I’m not feeling especially emotional about it. //” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Partly that’s because I’ve had a couple months to mentally adjust. But also, well, there are worse things:

A dear friend has lost his grandmother, wife, and father, in just the last 5 months.

In the face of real tragedy, how can I possibly lament that my wonderful bosses can now enjoy their retirement? As for my little family, thanks to the many social services that Mass. provides, we won’t starve, and we won’t lose our apartment. And in a few short weeks, we’ll have a new baby to love — and the time to appreciate how fortunate we are.

So Happy Thanksgiving to you all! And come Friday, think of me, back in the shop, boxing up the last of the stock, and, instead of venturing out to do some bargain shopping, stay home, eat another slice of apple pie, and read a book.