NaPoWriMo Draft 9.

Oh, this poem took altogether too long. This is where the idea of posting drafts holds me up. Because I revise as I go, if I’m struggling, that draft can be a while coming. I’ve been trying to be more flexible for this month, but today was the first day where that really gave me trouble. This is definitely one I’ll be revisiting.


NaPoWriMo Draft 8.

The biggest challenge of NaPoWriMo, besides the whole “write 30 poems in 30 days” bit, is that by its very nature this means you don’t get to enjoy the afterglow of having written a poem you like, or get to work making it better. The blankest of blank pages awaits you every single day. Revision is a sort of reward for having braved the void. I suppose that’s what May will be for.

The format of today’s poem has been completely wrecked by WordPress. That’s how it goes.


NaPoWriMo Draft 1.

I can’t remember which poet said this, but when asked how becoming a mother has changed her writing, she replied that her poems were shorter. That’s the reality of writing during naps, or with a baby on your lap while the older boy refuses to eat his breakfast. So, as I did last year during NaPoWriMo when I focused on a short form (the pleiades), today, at least, I experimented with another short form, the nonet. It’s comprised of nine lines, the first line having nine syllables, the second eight, the third seven, etc.

This draft will remain up for approximately 24 hrs, until I’m ready to post the next one.