The World According to Vincent.

Vincent is a very funny, quite singular little boy.  And every time I’m in danger of thinking he’s a genius, he does something startlingly ridiculous, like getting himself tangled in the baby’s doorway jumper. However, he does have an interesting way with words:

  • His “new blue hat with the train on it” (such is its full & proper appellation, however old it is in actuality) has been missing for a week.  He’s getting used to life without it.  But the first morning of its disappearance he protested mightily, “But I need my new blue hat with the train on it!  I can’t go outside with just my circle head!”
  • As I scrubbed away the pen drawings from his arms, he again protested, and oh the despair, “But you’re changing my life!”
  • In the winter, when he’s running around the apartment in shorts and t-shirt, his response when I try to get him into something warmer, “But I have to see my arms, and I have to see my legs.”  As reasonable as you please.

There’s more, I hope there will always be more; perhaps I should begin a new series of pronouncements by Vincent.  But this is all I can type today. My computer is acting up again.  This time the screen only works when the laptop is open at a 45 degree angle or less.  Oy.