Poetry Blessings

Since I’m woefully behind, the new year seems like a good time to catch up and clean the slate and acknowledge all the wonderful publications that have been printing and showcasing my poems this fall. My sincere thanks to them. They all do great work, and I’m so honored to be in such terrific company.

(In case you were wondering, though the poem-writing has been scant, I have been reading. Many many books have I been reading. So many. My next post will attempt to detail it all for you, and you will see I haven’t been altogether lazy.)

  • Connotation Press: An Online Artifact is one of the most interesting and varied online journals around, and their cast of poetry editors is stellar. They were kind enough to publish some of my poems in their October issue. You can read them here.
  • Cave Wall, which the world knows I love, included me in its summer/fall 2011 issue. Other contributors include Keetje Kuipers, Sally Rosen Kindred, Rodney Jones, Amy M. Clark, and Charles Harper Webb.
  • The Common, a beautiful new print journal out of Amherst College, published a poem in their second issue, which debuted this fall. Other contributors include Susan Kinsolving, Major Jackson, Daniel Tobin, Nathaniel Perry, and Tom Sleigh.
  • Salamander, which chose the first poem I wrote after my mom’s death for its winter 2011/2012 issue, is out now. Other contributors include Frannie Lindsay, Roland Pease, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Sarah Chace, and Andrea Scarpino.
  • The new issue of Crab Creek Review, with my poem, “Dispatch from the Sick-House,” arrived at my door just today. Other contributors include Kathleen Kirk, Nin Andrews, Joseph O. Legaspi, Anne Barngrover, and Karina Borowicz. I had a time getting it away from Aidan, who was fascinated by the gorgeous cover art!
  • And lastly, but by no means least, Susan Jo Russell’s review of my chapbook, Hunger All Inside, is the featured review for the next two weeks over at the Fiddler Crab Review! The fact of the review was itself a lovely surprise, but even more wonderful is what she has to say. Many thanks to Susan Jo and Fiddler Crab Review.