Hunger All Inside


Hunger All Inside

Cover art: “Double Twist,” by the marvelous artist Liz Hawkes deNiord.



Hunger All Inside is a moving book in every sense of the word, sweeping the reader, as life sweeps us, through its great and complex changes. These poems forge ahead—hungry, yes, and taking it all in: the ‘plenitudes’ offered us in every day—each moment a hinge to the next, each season shifting away even as it begins—life beside death, always; what is left behind crucial to what lies ahead. Here are poems that savor even the losses, poems that, like the boy yet to learn fear, leap into that fear, but without ignorance—on the contrary, with a wizened kind of bliss. In these poems, Gauthier celebrates that though each moment is temporary, its joy continues and is the force that all at once feeds us and drives us onward, seeking more.”

—Rhett Iseman Trull, editor of Cave Wall & author of The Real Warnings, winner of the 2008 Anhinga Prize for Poetry


“Marie Gauthier’s language is as sharp and precise as a blade which cuts both to expose our deepest hurts as human beings and to excise them, to heal them. These poems deftly perform the rare feat of showing the depths and heights of human experience and proving, again and again, that this world is a world of beauties worth living for.”

Emma Bolden, author of The Mariner's Wife and The Sad Epistles


Hunger All Inside refers not only to the thirst of a child but also Gauthier’s thirst for the natural world. New England’s land, its seasons, its sugar shacks, all intermingle with the modern voice of the mother and lover in this collection of poems. As if with a dowser’s rod, Gauthier’s speaker wanders the terrain seeking out the truths that lurk amidst her sources and reveals them—for good or ill.”

 —Doug Korb, author of The Cut Worm, winner of Bright Hill Press's 2006 chapbook award


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