That thief, time…

Time to write, time to parent, time to be with my husband, time to tend to my friendships, time to update here, clearly there’s not enough time in a day for everything, but one thing that has helped since we moved into our apt–we have no cable, which around here means no TV.

I love TV–Heroes, Project Runway, 24, American Idol, LOST…and Lance is a news junkie. But when we moved, we decided not to hook up the cable, and it’s been wonderfully freeing. Our time is our own. Actually, it’s Vincent’s–but then he sleeps, and we can read, talk, write. And anything we truly pine for we can rent on DVD eventually, right?

Speaking of which, we rented Once last weekend, and it was just wonderful. That these actual musicians, who are excellent, you must hear them, can also act so naturally–I am so envious. People who can do many things well are freaks of nature. Anyway, I want a sequel, I want to know what happens next. And I want to own that CD.

4 responses to “That thief, time…”

  1. I know how you feel. I wish there were 32 hours per day – maybe that way I could get it all done. Its great to read your words. Nice blog, Marie. Say hello to your guys for me.


    Thanks, MG!–big smackers to the boys from me.


  2. i don’t watch television: but for the wrong reasons. it’s because i know that anything that moves, anything at all, will capture my attention for as long as it keeps moving. so i can watch television with the same vehemence as i can, i dunno, cars on the highway. or, let’s be romantic here, a flickering candle. so i don’t watch television because i know the shows don’t end, and then where would i be? i’d stop eating!


    You’d be in definite peril, stephen–you’re too skinny as it is!


  3. we’ve got (2) kids that generally control our lives. when they go to bed at night, however we usually squeeze in about an hour of TV. when I say TV, what I mean is NETFLIX. it’s is the best thing ever. we actually tend to watch more TV on netflix than actual movies. so what if we’re six months behind the rest of the world… the only downside is that you must start all conversations with “do not tell me what happened on 24 last night”.

  4. LOL Matt—I did that a lot last year, just because Heroes was on at the same time as 24 and we never tape anything–I figure I’ll get it on DVD at some point, and it’ll all be new to us. But I confess the bloom is a bit off the rose re:24 for me ever since I read a New Yorker article that talked about how Bushies are big fans of the show. Lance has never liked it, always calls it “that fascist show.”

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