Time. Again.

We have 3 clocks in our 2 bedroom apt–one on top of the fridge, run by batteries, one in our bedroom, your standard electric alarm clock, and one in the living/dining room, an old-fashioned pendulum-swinging tick-tock clock. Not one of them tells the proper time. In fact, if I want to know what the actual time is at any given moment, I have to check our cell phone or my computer. Unsettling, don’t you think?

Happy New Year!

2 responses to “Time. Again.”

  1. When I was a kid my dad bought me a series of watches, one with a granite face and no numbers on a thin leather strap; another with oversize numbers and a thick brown strap, one made by guess that had various colored parts that snapped on and off. One by one, they broke, because I am a clutz and banged them against stuff, or were lost, because I’m an airhead and left them places. Eventually I got the picture that I was not cut out for a watch – I wasn’t meant to know the time, because what did it mean to me anyways? Through the years I’ve tried a few times to become a watch person, but it’s never worked out. Now I realize that there are clocks EVERYWHERE! In stores, buildings, your car, your stereo, your electronics, absolutely everywhere! I also have an uncanny ability to guess the time within 10 or 15 minutes no matter where or when I am. In closing, hurrah for the mismatched timepieces. Let’s not pin ourselves down to a zone on a map anyway, we’ll follow the sun and gather berries before it goes down.

  2. You absolutely must stop by & comment often, Sara–either that, or start your own blog–you’re so fun to read!

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