Tift Merritt.

Driving into work this morning, I heard Tift Merritt interviewed on WRSI 93.9 (“The River”) during their Sunday morning music show, “The Back Porch.”  She has a new album, “Another Country,” due out on Feb. 26. 

 I’ve been a fan of Tift Merritt since I heard an NPR piece on her a year or so ago, and immediately went down the street & bought her previous 2 albums–which means something, because I reserve most of my impulse purchases for books.  “The Back Porch” is the perfect description of her sound–guitars, harmonicas, tremendous rhythm section–head-bobbing, heart-thumping music. 

Her website lets you listen to a different cut off her new album each week.  Right now, that song is “Broken” (http://tiftmerritt.com/?page_id=12 ) which they played this morning and is my new favorite song.  I only heard it once, but I double-checked the lyrics on her website,  so this is the refrain:

‘Cause you’re broken, and you don’t understand

what is broken falls into place once again

the hand of kindness gathers you in like a rainstorm

But don’t take my word for it, click on the link, go, listen, fall in love.  No, really.

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