Enough to break a poor mother’s heart.

It’s taken me a few days to process, deal, & forgive, but the story is this:

I came home from work on Sunday to find that my darling husband had given our precious son a haircut. And not just any haircut, but….a mullet!

He cut my precious baby boy’s soft blond curls & transformed him into a miniature 1980’s power balladeer. Marriages have foundered for less.

Clearly I could not let this stand, could not subject my boy to the ridicule & shame, so I was forced to take scissors in hand and cut his hair myself. The results are not bad, hair-wise, but oh, my baby is gone, and a little Christopher Robin-boy stands in his stead.

Only with better hair, I promise.

Is there a poem for this?


It’s textbook rush season, so I don’t have the time to write it out, but I haven’t forgotten about my forthcoming-poetry-books round-up. I’m stockpiling catalogs, or ripping pages from otherwise uninteresting catalogs, and will start posting the ones that interest me most soon.


And I forgot to mention–I learned that my chapbook manuscript was a semi-finalist in a contest–this on its very first foray out into the dark dark world! Hurrah!

Are there other breeds besides poets who can find encouragement in so little?

6 responses to “Enough to break a poor mother’s heart.”

  1. O, a mullet. O, o, o!!!

    Semifinalist — that is not a little thing! That is a great and wonderful thing, especially for a first trip out! Congratulations!

  2. Oh thank you — I confess, I was dancing in my heart — but I’m easily pleased. So nice to be understood!

  3. There should be much dancing in your heart! I am encouraged by the tiniest bit of print on the tiniest bit of colored paper — Semifinalist status is huge!

  4. Thank you, that’s wonderful to hear! — my heart sports a tiara & sash now as well. :>)

  5. Please tell me he saved some curls!!! Please!

  6. Well, he assured me that he did — but I haven’t seen any evidence of this being the case. That’s okay; I clipped a curl myself a few months ago from the back & tucked it into a box to save. I just had an inkling…

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