The bees are not flying…

What a wonderful day!

 It’s dark, and raining, but it’s raining, above 50 degrees!  I feel like Plath’s bees, tasting the spring.  I think we all do — all the folks stopping by the bookstore have been uncommonly cheerful today.

Another reason to celebrate is that Parnassus: Poetry in Review came in the mail — it’s ginormous, practically a doorstop.  A poetry doorstop.  Glorious!

And lastly, but by no means the least, I celebrate Girl Scout cookies.  Specifically, the caramel delight variety (formerly known as samoas) of which I purchased a whopping 4 boxes from the lovely Foxtowne Diner in town.  They’re selling them right there behind the counter, there’s a whole section of them. 

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for caramel delights, there’s only one box left.  Sorry.  I’ll give you one if you ask nicely.

 Cookie, that is, not box. 

6 responses to “The bees are not flying…”

  1. OH! The cookies formerly known as Samoas! So fantastic! So lovely!

  2. Indeed! May a lovely Snack, in the form of the formerly Samoa, kindly stop for you — nay! may it pop its very self into your mouth!

  3. Something about those nice neighbor girl scout girls made me buy FOUR BOXES of cookies. I had to leave the house while they were disposed of by the hordes, so tempted was I to eat them all. The problem with them is that they are so small, deceptively, enticingly so.

  4. You mean I’m not supposed to eat them all?

  5. That’s how I used to sell my girl scout cookies. Behind the counter at my parent’s drive-in restaurant.

  6. LOL How lucky! I confess, I actually had to quit the Girl Scouts because I so dreaded going door-to-door or begging my multitudes of family via telephone for orders. Dreaded!

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