Rodney Jones in Parnassus.

From Rodney Jones’ poem “On Criticism” in the new issue of Parnassus:  Poetry in Review:

Without taste, criticism inflates to theory.  The technique

and not the art.  The theology without the religion.

The critic fails when he stops thinking of the sweetness.

2 responses to “Rodney Jones in Parnassus.”

  1. Do you know that Pabulo Neruda poem, Sweetness Always? This is toward the end:

    Don’t be afraid of sweetness.

    With or without us,
    sweetness will go on living
    and is infinitely alive,
    forever being revived,
    for it’s in a man’s mouth,
    whether he’s eating or singing,
    that sweetness has its place.


  2. Y’know, I don’t, but I bet Rodney Jones does — thanks for noticing! My Neruda backlist is woefully incomplete.

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