I don’t know who started it, (Maureen Thorson?) or when, the first time I remember hearing about it was last year — National Poetry Month has been transmogrified into National Poetry Writing Month. One poem a day for a month, to be exact.

Unlikely? No — impossible, in every way — I can promise to merely draft lines in my head every day and attempt to write them down on discarded bookshop receipts. Much as I do now, only more so.

But the idea is so tantalizing. An Event, with a finite and clearly defined time span. And plan. The whole goal-orientation aspect of it is strangely appealing. And communal.

So, while I cannot commit to 30 poems in 30 days, and I will not be posting drafts here, no sir, you can find your crappy poems elsewhere, I’m on board with the whole let’s-celebrate-poetry-by-writing-a-lot-of-poems-this-month notion:  I’ll try to do more. How about you?

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