NaPoWriMo 2.

I stopped by Arts & Letters Daily and my head almost exploded. Seriously. Have you ever been there? All that text…my brain is bleeding.


Now that I’ve decided to trail along behind the NaPoWriMo bandwagon in my own little red wheelbarrow, I’m, well, dare I admit, feeling excited, like I’m catching a wave(let) on the ground swell of anticipation rippling through the blogosphere. Which is a metaphorically messy paragraph and perhaps does not bode well….


ReadWritePoem has a post today with a few form ideas to help keep the poems flowing, and, as someone who generally doesn’t find prompts helpful, these are great — I will definitely use at least two of them.


Poems have been bubbling up of late, words, phrases — this could be just the impetus I need to get to work.

4 responses to “NaPoWriMo 2.”

  1. Oh, goodness. My eyes are swimming from that site. The Chronicle is really a terrible aesthetic crime.

    I’m still meditating/contemplating/gnashing my teeth over this NaPoWriMo business. Do I WriMo or no? Who knows?!

  2. Emma, yes — a crime! — I know there’s probably interesting stuff there, but when confronted by all that text, I’m reduced to Beevis & Butthead: “Uh. Words. Words. Words.”

    As for NaPoWriMo, I don’t see any reason to set myself up for abject failure by committing to a poem a day — but I do want to make use of all those resources that will abound for the month to get myself back into some sort of regular writing practice. I really do want that. Sigh.

  3. Marie–Thanks for the link to
    I’ve already done the pi one–in the past, but didn’t know it had a fancy name.
    I love invented forms and see several on the list that I want to try, beginning with the Pleiades.

  4. Yes, Diane! — I’m hoping to attempt the Pleiades in the next couple days — that, or the fib… I think. Because the pi one also appeals…

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