NaPoWriMo Draft.

The Pleiades form introduced to me by ReadWritePoem turned out to be a great challenge. I managed to complete one draft of a poem thus far. It took nearly 5 hours. I’m not going to get very far at this rate. But I work slowly, tediously really.

I was thinking of attempting the Rothko poem, also mentioned on ReadWritePoem, but after about an hour, I’ve decided it’s impossible. 3 lines, 3 words per line, 1 color each line. That leaves 6 non-color words. Moving on…

Since I worked so devilishly hard on my first NaPoWriMo poem, and my husband thinks I’m daft not to include my own poems here, I suppose I won’t completely embarrass myself by posting this draft. It’s only here for a short time…


6 responses to “NaPoWriMo Draft.”

  1. Oh no! I just came back to steal some of those “s” words — the verb you used to describe what was happening to the sky — and it’s GONE! I’m going to have to be be more light fingered here, I can see.

  2. SSSorry! But for you: I think the “s” word you mean is “surfacing” — yes? :o)

  3. Marie–I tried unsuccessfully the other day to post a comment saying how much I enjoyed Sugaring! I tried the pleiades also but the result was not too satisfying. Back to the revision pile.

  4. Diane, thank you for coming back to tell me. I’m so glad you liked it. I hope your Pleiades improves for you upon revision!

    I’ve found the Pleiades really helps me focus — whereas the Rothko made me very very tired. :o)

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