NaPoWriMo Draft 2.

I was miraculously able to eke out enough time last night to write another poem, another Pleiades — I’m really enjoying this form, have decided to write a series of poems, Spring Pleiades, based on it. This poem flowed much quicker, probably because I spent so much time last go-around, and had a better idea where I was going with the next poem, having thought about it all day.

Tonight is the Collected Poets Series reading, so no poem-writing this evening, just poetry-reading/listening/talking.

Below is poem #2 — again, only here for a short time…


4 responses to “NaPoWriMo Draft 2.”

  1. That first line is just about the best I could imagine. I’d never heard of that form — it’s fantastic! I might bring it in to my 8th graders — we’re studying form right now (renga tomorrow!), and I think they’d like it.

  2. Thank you, Emma! — I’m so happy you liked it.

    I love this form! It’s constricting enough to make you work outside your normal perimeters, and both short & long enough to move around a bit. I’m finding it addictive.

  3. I love it.

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