NaPoWriMo Draft 4.

I’m two poems behind, but never mind — 4 poems in 6 days is lightning-fast for me. Having a project in mind helps.

The Collected Poets Series reading with Annie Boutelle and Jack Wiler was phenomenal — what a mix! Annie’s Scottish burr was mesmerizing, strongest as she read from Nest of Thistles, my favorite book. She was just intoxicating.

Then Jack took over and snapped us all out of it with his Jersey attitude and straight up poems. His opening poem, about all the things you’re not allowed to say to students, nearly every line of which included at least one f-word, was hilarious, and not merely due to shock value. Jack’s a working class poet (currently working for Acme Exterminating in New York City) who guest-teaches in high schools on occasion. His perspective is a biting innoculation against pretension.

A reading tonight by Kate Greenstreet and others, but then the rest of the week is quieter, so, while I doubt I’ll catch up, perhaps I’ll be able to continue at this reasonable pace. Below is NaPoWriMo poem #4, for a short time only, etc etc etc:


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