NaPoWriMo Draft 5.

Warning: Cloying Child Story Ahead:

Vincent had just woken up, and I was changing him from his pajamas to day clothes.

“I love you,” said I.

“No way!” said my baby.

“I love you,” I repeated with some consternation.

“No way!” said my baby.

“I love you!” I wailed.

“Hug!” cried Vincent. “Kiss!”

Already a prince of manipulation.


I heard Kate Greenstreet read last night with Betsy Wheeler and Lori Shine — what a revelation she was! She looked much as I thought, except, um, shorter, but her voice! Deeper, it’s definitely a Jersey accent, but there’s an unexpected twang to it. Her reading did just what you hope seeing a poet read her work would do — expanded the possibilities and meanings of the poems. If you get a chance to see Kate, don’t miss it! And meeting her was a joy — she was incredibly generous with her time and attention. A really fun evening.

I wasn’t familiar with either of her reading partners, Betsy or Lori, but I’ll be exploring their work further. Betsy tended to rock as she read, which was distracting in the extreme, so I don’t really know what I thought of her poems. They both had gorgeous looking chapbooks for sale, but alas, I’ve paid my bills for the month of March, and have nothing to spare this week. Very sad.

Continuing in my NaPoWriMo mode, I’ve managed to add another poem to my Spring Pleiades series. For a short time:


4 responses to “NaPoWriMo Draft 5.”

  1. “burnished to the brass of song” — oooo, very nice bauble, Marie!

  2. Thank you, Lily — I’m glad you stopped by before this disapparated — I hope you’re still celebrating!

  3. I think there’s something very compelling about the disapparation of your poems. Somebody should put out a book of poetry that does that — you’d have to read them and commit them to memory. Kind of like in Mission Impossible — this poem will self-destruct…..

  4. That’s certainly one way of reinvesting poetry with urgency…

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