Days of Gatorade & Crackers.

These are the days of Gatorade and crackers.  These are the days of Peptobismol.  These are most definitely the days of “Please let me make it to the bathroom in time!”  I have been felled by the flu.

Can I just say that before I birthed a child, I can’t remember ever having once been stricken with the flu, ever?

My strict diet is being enforced by Lance, who actually took away my coffee this morning and dumped it into the sink.  A quarantine has also been put into effect.

So hey, maybe I’ll be able to catch up a bit with my NaPoWriMo writing…

8 responses to “Days of Gatorade & Crackers.”

  1. oh dear!!!!!!! Lie low! Get Well!


  2. So sorry to hear about the flu. Feel better.

  3. hope you’re feeling better today! Practically everyone I know has the flu.
    I’m purelling myself all the time 🙂


  4. Thank you, Pat & Diane —

    Just got off the phone w/ the dr.’s office (wishing they’d tell me I could eat a big steak & choc shake…… I am so hungry!), and the nurse said the same, Pat, that everyone’s got this right now. My hands are dry (as the toast I’ll be allowed to eat maybe tomorrow) from the constant washing, trying most strenuously to keep this plague from spreading further into our household. Oh my, yes.

    I hope it passes you both right by!

  5. Oh, poor Marie — what a bummer! I’m glad you’re being looked after so well, and wish you good health (and good eating) SOON! xo, L

  6. Thank you, Lily — I am so lucky in some important ways, I know! xo

  7. “in” a stool? but a stool has no “in”… shouldn’t it be “on a stool”? like fruit “in” the bottom of a yogurt not “on the bottom” because it’s at the bottom of the yogurt and not on top… I’ll never get prepositions, ever.

  8. LOL You are absolutely correct, Marianne, and I will fix it right away!

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