NaPoWriMo Redux.

Our downstairs neighbor moved, taking our wireless with her, though we were unaware that she was our source until we suddenly had no internet — hence my silence here since the new month began.

We took the bull by the horns, nasty beast, and signed up for a wireless account of our very own, which we’re sharing with our lovely other downstairs neighbors, who are helping defray the expense. Which is most welcome, as we’re expecting our budget to start bursting at the seams toward the end of the year, so any proactive measures we can take now to shore it up would be good. But more on that some other time.

NaPoWriMo is over for the year, and I’m sorry to say that I never did complete my own personal goal of 15 poems. However, 12 poems, especially 12 poems that are definite keepers, is an amazing tally in itself, for me, and I’m very happy about that.

Honestly, I ended up writing more than I dreamed I’d be able to, more than I’ve ever written in 4 (or more) weeks’ time. So while I’m not exactly singing “We are the Champions,” I’m pleased. I don’t think I can continue that level of productivity, it’s simply too much for every day life. I was never very good at making all the pieces fit, there’s always one or two left stranded, and since Vincent was born it’s only become more difficult.

NaPoWriMo proved very useful in helping me kick-start my poetry practice. For me, it’s not about how many poems, but finding that creative flow again. And again. Consistency.

With a vacation thrown in every now and again. Because we all need a break once in a while, even from the things we love. Most especially from the things we love.


The Collected Poets Series reading last week with Frannie Lindsay and Alicia Ostriker was phenomenal, as expected. Another interesting mix.

What I particularly appreciate about these readings is that any and all listeners are invited to join us at the pub across the bridge after the readings, to have a drink, a bite to eat, and chat with the poets. It’s so inclusive and welcoming, a very different experience from other readings I’ve attended where you generally need to already have a personal connection in order to be invited out with the poet/s after the event.

Strangely enough, audience members thus far have been too shy to actually take us up on the invitation as of yet. But I like that the invitation still stands. I don’t think you could do more to polish the patina of POETRY from poetry.

2 responses to “NaPoWriMo Redux.”

  1. I’m glad to hear it was such a productive month — and yes, I’m with you on your observation that how much writing constitutes a LOT of writing is in the eyes of the beholder. I’m looking forward to seeing some of those finished poems out there in the world.

  2. From your mouth to the poetry editors’ ears! :o)

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