Letters to Poets.

Just found this in my University Press of New England fall 2008 catalog, and it looks very promising: from Saturnalia Books, Letters to Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics, and Community, edited by Jennifer Firestone and Dana Teen Lomax. Catalog copy:

Letters to Poets honors and commemorates the hundredth anniversary of Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet by partnering a selection of 14 of the country’s leading contemporary poets with 14 emerging poets and documenting their correspondences. These poets challenge the hierarchies and pitfalls endemic to the mentoring process, and ask some of the day’s toughest, most vital questions concerning race, class, and gender. Spanning a range of not only generations but cultural, aesthetic, and economic backgrounds, these diverse pairings both challenge and support each other artistically and politically. The result is in turns dramatic, enlightening, and comic.

According to Saturnalia’s website, poets contributing include:

Anselm Berrigan
John Yau
Wanda Coleman
Eileen Myles
Paul Hoover
Brenda Coultas
Victor Hernandez Cruz
Anne Waldman
Leslie Scalapino
Kathleen Fraser.

Alas, it goes without saying that I am not included amongst the emerging poets.  Due in October.

2 responses to “Letters to Poets.”

  1. I’m guessing that’s because you are so obviously, so fully, so impressively emerged. Already. xo, L

  2. Well, gosh, thank you! Now I’m all twitterpated… xo

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