The beast awakes.

It’s so hot in this third floor apartment that when Lance went in to check on Vincent napping, he discovered that Vincent had moved from the bed to the floor, presumably because the pine floors felt cooler to his little body. I snuck in to take a picture (we have a small album of the peculiar places where Vincent likes to sleep) and while I got the photo, I unfortunately woke him up at the same time. Alas.

Vincent awakens on the floor.

6 responses to “The beast awakes.”

  1. too funny!! and so sorry you woke him.. I know that pain!

  2. I bet you do! — doesn’t that look just say, “You suck, Mommy.”?

  3. So cute!! And so annoyed!! Poor little thing actually found a way to be cool in this heat and mommy goes and ruins it;)

  4. Ah well — have you ever tried sleeping on a floor? — not so comfortable — he was probably on his way out of sleep anyway… 🙂

  5. thank you for your comments! sorry i’ve been out of touch–life has been somewhat exciting in recent months–i just finished composing and recording the soundtrack to a show being performed in chicago for the next month, i’ll come visit soon!!

  6. Stephen! You still exist! What great news — you’d better show your face soon, these disappearances of yours are quite disconcerting!

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