Can You Hear With That?

At some point last night, some vile insect bit Vincent on his left ear. This morning, Vincent’s ear was red and swollen nearly double in size — and sticking out from his head! Thankfully he’s not in any pain or discomfort, and I checked in with his pediatrician, so you needn’t feel bad for enjoying the picture below. Because this is just too danged weird not to post:

Poor little Dumbo.

It’s not as red as this morning, but there it is, waving at you like a third hand! Such a calamity absolutely called for the ever-dependable solace of chocolate ice cream. I’m sure you agree.

10 thoughts on “Can You Hear With That?

  1. Oh I’m so glad that doesn’t hurt, because man-oh-man, it sure looks like it would! I’m glad you took that picture, by the way. The third hand is precisely the kind of thing it is a mother’s job to memorialize. xo, L

  2. I’m glad I did, too, Lily! — it’s practically back to normal now. Without that digital evidence, even I would have a hard time believing it was that wildly bulging from his head!

  3. When I first saw that picture I was like “I never noticed Vincent had one Dumbo ear” and then I read… so weird! Funny but weird!
    Did he get a haircut?

  4. Yes! I cut his hair after that heat wave, poor guy was so hot. Plus he loves it when I cut his hair — he’s actually been asking me every night after his bath if I’m going to cut his hair now. Not a bad job I did, eh?

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