Big Boat ride in a hole in the ground…

The first time I watched “On the Town,” I thought what they were singing in the big “New York, New York” number was “A big boat ride in a hole in the ground.” Yes, never mind that it makes no sense, I figured it out a good long time later (for the uninitiated, as unimaginable as that is: “and the people ride in a hole in the ground”).

So we took a mini-break this weekend, drove up to New Hampshire to Newfound Lake, and then to Lake Winnipesaukee today, where Vincent got to take a big boat ride. “Big” is relative — we were supposed to go out on a REALLY big boat, but due to the crazy weather (and lack of customers) we ended up on a smaller tugboat-sized number. But big enough for me! My boys love boats.

Prince of the World!

Lake Winnipesaukee.

7 responses to “Big Boat ride in a hole in the ground…”

  1. Marie,
    Many years ago our grandfather did alot of fishing on Newfound Lake. He and some of his friends would drive up (that was an adventure in itself), pitch a tent and fish for a week. He had lot’s of stories about that lake. They were great days.

  2. Your photos are incredible! I am sure Vincent was loving the boat ride and the water! Hooray for boat rides!

  3. Jody, how funny! Lance picked Newfound Lake, he’d last been there as a boy himself, and I’d never heard of it. It was wonderful! If I hadn’t been so exhausted last night, I’d have written more about it. The water was so warm, and the rain held off until we’d packed the car again. It was pretty deserted too, except for one family that reminded me of ours, and a bass fishing contest, so we had a lot of the beach to ourselves, & a family of ducks. Too bad I didn’t have my camera on me for our time there! We even managed to get a fire going — Vincent needed some serious warming-up — he totally didn’t want to leave the water, even though he was shivering so hard he practically knocked himself over.

    But the area around Newfound Lake is pretty built-up now — I bet Grandpa would hardly recognize it.

    Zelda! — those are the only 2 photos that survived inspection, so I’m very glad you like them! I tell you, I love where we live, but I wish it was closer to the water, because that was really great.

  4. I keep laughing at one of the automatically generated “Possibly Related Posts” for this post — the possibly related post entitled (of course) “big f*cking hole in the ground.”

  5. Seeing as it’s in bold type just a few inches above, and Word Press seems to think these posts not only related but good & properly together, I think the * censoring might have been unnecessary.

    Honestly, I’m trying not to be annoyed by the placement of an expletive just below a picture of my family…it’s appalling & then funny & then appalling again.

  6. I totally agree about the appalling/funny/appalling/funny. My laugh was a laugh of the absurd. I mean, you have these gorgeous and incredibly serene photos of Lake Winnipesaukee and the incredibly thick clouds above it AND YOUR FAMILY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD and then —

    and then.

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