And we’re having…[Warning: Baby Spoiler Ahead]

18 weeks & 3 days.
18 weeks & 3 days.

Vincent looks mostly like his dad, except for around his eyes. This baby seems to have my profile, poor dear. You might scoff, but you actually can tell quite a lot from an ultrasound.

The ultrasound went much swifter than I expected — when I was pregnant with Vincent I remember it taking upwards of an hour. Vincent was fascinated and only slightly restless, and what a show the baby put on for us, wriggling around like a fish. Everything looks great and normal, so I’ve opted not to have the amnio.

And the news that (a teeny-tiny percentage of) you have been waiting for: it’s a boy. Unquestionably. And unsurprisingly — this will be Lance’s fourth son — he only makes boys!

[End of Baby Bulletin.  Regular programming will resume presently.]

8 responses to “And we’re having…[Warning: Baby Spoiler Ahead]”

  1. I waited for this alllll day!
    Congratulations! You need a name now 🙂

  2. Congrats Marie–Vincent will have a bro nearer his age!!

  3. So awesome, Marie! Boys rule!

  4. Thank you, guys — I admit, I’m pretty happy about it — I’ve had such a great experience with my first boy!

  5. Hooray! Congratulations! Any ideas on a name?!

  6. Emma, you return! Name-negotiation is on-going — but we might’ve reached a decision…

  7. Oh, how lovely! Boys are wonderful, as you know. And also, I’m so glad all looks well on the ultrasound. That’s always a relief too! xoxoxox, L

  8. Yes, Lily, it is nice to reach this particular marker w/o any extra worries!

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