…news. One of the presses to which I’d submitted my chapbook for a contest (which I did not win or even place as a finalist) has accepted it for publication. I didn’t even know it was still under consideration, it’s been a number of months. And I’ve since revised the chapbook, retitled it, and submitted it to a handful of other contests. Bird in the hand…?

6 responses to “Unexpected…”

  1. That’s wonderful Marie–although I feel for you on the more revisions front–I’m sure you’d rather they published it the way you’ve got it now!

  2. congratulations for that

  3. I’d say this is an excellent position to be in! What great news. xoxoxo, L

  4. Lily, yes! For the first time in my life, I get to have my cake & eat it, too… I rather like the feeling.

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