Home. Every day. Small nuggets.

Yesterday, Vincent & I went downstairs to check the mail, and he, because he’s fun that way, locked the door behind us.  Hence I discovered how ludicrously easy it is to pick the lock of our apartment.  Good thing we own nothing worth stealing.


Being home so much is very odd, but now we’re both sick I haven’t had much of an opportunity to use this time well.  I’m measuring my days in balled-up tissues and cold cups of tea.


It does, however, give me far too much time to dwell on all my overdue submissions, and where the heck are they, and why won’t anyone respond to my emails.  Not altogether helpful, but I don’t currently have the brain capacity to actually write, as evidenced by this feeble post, so I’m giving myself permission to obsess.


For those of you who care & are keeping track of such things, I’m now 38 weeks, and the baby has dropped.  So there’s progress, at least!

3 responses to “Home. Every day. Small nuggets.”

  1. I was wandering around blogs and found your site. I noticed that you’re a goodreads user. Some folks and I recently started a site called swingvine that let’s you track books with friends like with goodreads, but it also lets you track music, movies, fashion, wines, and food. Additionally, the site lets you link books together with “vines” – short narratives that let you recommend one book to someone who’s reading another book.

    Sorry to ping you out of the blue, but we’re really interested in getting feedback from real users like you who are already on similar services. You can get an account by going to the homepage (swingvine.com) and requesting one (we’ll set you up quickly) or you can reply back to me w/ any questions. Thanks!

  2. Wow you got a sales pitch from someone on your blog! How exciting! Sales people are a slippery bunch I tell ya!

  3. You are the resident expert, Roland! But I decided to leave the comment up b/c it could be of interest to someone else. Not me, tho’. Tracking books is work enough for me!

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