Happy Birthday to me -- I'm 3, I'm 3!
Happy Birthday to me — I'm 3, I'm 3!

Vincent turned three on Saturday, so I baked him a cake.  From scratch.  You’ll note I have not posted a picture of said cake.  Oh, it tasted quite wonderful, actually, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and Vincent adored it.  Which was a big relief, because it looked like crap.  I wish I was joking.

Because I find it mildly embarrassing how truly awful that cake looked, and because such things feel like a challenge from the universe (“En garde!”), I have resolved to bake another cake today.  My sister, whose birthday was also this weekend, is arriving with my mum for a visit some time this morning, so another birthday cake seems in order.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the first cake is completely gone.

Can you dig it?
Can you dig it?

3 responses to “Milestones.”

  1. Happy birthday Vincent!!!!!

  2. Well happy days to the young guy! And have fun with that cake. For a very long time, I made “brownie towers” for birthdays — I’d bake a pan of brownies, cut them up into what were, more or less, squares and then I’d pile them up on a cake plate and stick candles in the “cake.” They were fun, because no one could ever be certain the whole thing wouldn’t just collapse!

  3. Merci, Marianne!

    Lily, what a great idea! — though I must confess that my brownies, while they look better than my cake, taste worse…

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