Nat’l Poetry Month Books.

Ann & Michael over at the Books on the Nightstand blog have a special podcast up in honor of National Poetry Month.  The big feature is an interview with poet/bookseller Michael Schiavo.  But toward the end I have contributed a recommendation for Catherine Bowman’s The Plath Cabinet.  Give a listen if you  have time.  Thank you to Ann & Michael for asking me to participate, I enjoyed it.  And, if you listen very hard during my bit, you can hear Vincent in the background, calling to me.

And then, once you’ve listened, let me offer these additional recommendations for the poetry-phobes, because I think Michael’s are a tad daunting for the uninitiated.  These anthologies from the University of Iowa Press are not only inviting, but fun & accessible, even to the most skittish would-be poetry reader:

3 responses to “Nat’l Poetry Month Books.”

  1. Marie, thank you so much for doing this for us — I loved your recommendation of The Plath Cabinet. And thanks for the additional recommendations. I am as novice as they come (verging on phobic, I confess), so I will definitely take a look at some of these anthologies. Thank you!

  2. I reviewed Sweeping Beauty for Shenandoah a couple of years ago–I loved it and return to it often. Thanks for the other book suggestions, too–I will look for them!

  3. Thank you, Ann, it was fun! And tell me how you fare Re: poetry…

    Wonderful, Karin, I’m so glad to hear that!

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