NaPoWriMo Draft 11.

Back to the nonet. Today’s draft almost didn’t happen — I’ve been fighting some sickness all day, back & forth fever, body aches, etc. I thought to maybe write about that, but then, well, Sylvia Plath pretty much owns the fever-as-poem, why ask for trouble? I imagine tomorrow, being Easter, which means we’ll be traveling to my mum’s, fever or no fever, my draft will be equally late. Still, it’s before midnight, which is all that counts. That, and I’m writing a lot of poems!


2 responses to “NaPoWriMo Draft 11.”

  1. Marie, this is AMAZING! And its arrival, near midnight or no, proves that you are some kind of superwoman hero genius goddess of all things.

  2. Many many thanks — I’m working hard, Emma! Hopefully I can continue to please…no guarantees!

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