NaPoWriMo Draft 23.

I dislike too much exposition in a poem, so one of my biggest flaws as a poet is then writing an anemic poem, which yearns for a bit of meat to gnaw on. I’m actually excited for May to come (only 7 more poems to go!) so I can print all these poems out & do some revisioning — I fear this poor dear is a mite skinny.


3 responses to “NaPoWriMo Draft 23.”

  1. Oh my. That is one very powerful poem. I want to see what these look like after you go over them — they already seem so good.

  2. Eh, I don’t think it’s too thin — I love the scar stanza.

  3. Lily, Sarah, thank you. What seem like large changes to me might be subtle to you — and these are definitely not first drafts. But I want to be sure that I haven’t rushed an unnatural polish on them, that I’ve given them each a real opportunity to grow. Or not.

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