CPS & Maxine Kumin: A Report.

from left to right: Sydney, Kim Rogers, Lea Banks, & Maxine. Photo taken by the inestimable Jacqueline Guimont.

Last year, when we had Galway Kinnell for a CPS reading, we had to turn people away at the door. This year for Maxine Kumin, we thought ahead, and instead of having the reading at Mocha Maya’s, they co-sponsored the event with us and we hosted it at the Shelburne-Buckland Community Center, which has seating for 125 people. We filled every seat, but didn’t turn away a single soul.

What a reading!  Sydney did his thing, but even he knew that Maxine was the Big Event everyone was waiting for, and didn’t read long.

Anyone who thinks Maxine Kumin is a boring nature poet has not been paying attention.  She may be small and fragile-looking, but her political poems have spines of steel.  There is nothing in this world more startling than hearing Maxine Kumin say the word “fuck”.  Twice.  And I happen to love her poems about her farm, and dogs, and horses.  “Jack”, in particular, is so very affecting, who could dismiss it as a mere “nature poem”?

It was an honestly grand evening.  Some folks traveled from pretty far afield to be there;  I think we all agree it was more than worth it.

2 responses to “CPS & Maxine Kumin: A Report.”

  1. I’ve heard such good things about this reading and am so absolutely sad that I wasn’t there! Amazing!

  2. She said she’d come back when her next book comes out, so you’ll get another chance. And next time you need a bed to recuperate in, we do have a spare…

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