Moses Supposes a Rose is a Rose is a Rose.

I’ve had a lot more visitors here than usual.  While I hoped they came by to check out my chapbook (which is now available for pre-order…) (HA!), based on their Google searches, they arrive in search of Gene Kelly.

At first I was distracted, wondering what it is I’m missing out on, that suddenly so many are looking for Gene Kelly.  What’s happening?

But then I felt badly that folks ended up here just because I mentioned earlier this year how much I adore him.  Thus I feel duty-bound to provide more for their troubles.  Below is one of the best song & dance sequences ever, from “Singin’ in the Rain”: “Moses Supposes”, with Donald O’Connor, one of the only dancers that could keep up with Gene without breaking a sweat.

And, if you listen to the words, well, it’s all pure poetry.

2 responses to “Moses Supposes a Rose is a Rose is a Rose.”

  1. Ha! My stats doubled when I talked about Catcher in the Rye a few weeks ago. Probably poor high school students looking for SparkNotes.

  2. LOL Other popular searches include “18 weeks pregnant ultrasound” and “differences between poetry & novels”…oh the wonders of Google.

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