Circular Conversations with Mr. Circle Head

I found Vincent’s “new blue hat with the train on it” this morning, under a mountain of miscellaneous stuff in a closet.  When I showed it to him, his laugh was almost maniacal.  Then he put it on.  Then he put Aidan’s cap on over it.  Conversation as follows:

“Look, now I’m Mr. Peekee.”

“Who’s Mr. Peekee?”

“I am.”

“But who’s Mr. Peekee when he’s not you?”

“Mr. Pickle.”

“And who’s Mr. Pickle?”

“Mr. Peekee.”


2 responses to “Circular Conversations with Mr. Circle Head”

  1. Just what I needed! I like Mr. Circle Head.

    We found Ivy’s hat under a coat right after I asked (non accusingly) mom-in-law if she had any idea where it went after their trip to the park 2 weeks ago. Ivy was napping when we made the discovery and I hung the hat up on the door knob for later. Today, during a time-out, Ivy saw the hat and got very excited, “Mommy, I found my hat! Mommy!…” She was feeling brilliant at a very not brilliant time. Amends were made and kudos were given.

  2. Haha, yes! First thing Vincent always says when I hand him a previously lost item: “I found it!!”

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