Draft of the Week, #6.

As the blog nears its two-year mark, it seemed to me to need a small makeover — you might not have even noticed.  I chose a design that offers a similar color scheme, fonts, and I kept my header photo of the Potholes (tho’ maybe I’ll begin updating the Potholes picture as the seasons change), but everything seems cleaner, more crisp.  The most notable changes are the addition of an “Upcoming Readings” page, and the location of my blogroll, featured links, etc.: in a neat 3 columns at the bottom of the page.  Maybe the clutter didn’t bother you, but I’m feeling much better about things.  And this was something I could do in between jags of wiping runny noses and doses of hot tea.

As if a cold weren’t enough, Aidan is also teething.  I remember Vincent sprouting teeth like it was no big deal — growing pains have always been his particular bane.  Not so for Aidan.  Day by day it becomes more and more evident that having one child offers me nothing by way of a road map for the second.

It’s later than I meant, but under these conditions I’m happy to have written this poem at all.  The draft will come down in a day or two. Hope the rest of you are enjoying your holiday, either sickness-free or on the mend!

Oh, and I forgot to say: the idea for this poem came from a “mini-mini-challenge” over at ReadWritePoem;  my thanks to them!


5 responses to “Draft of the Week, #6.”

  1. God. As always, gorgeous. You’ve such a talent for precision, Marie! And the blog’s redesign is lovely as well. Hooray for two years of Marie on the Web!

  2. love the redo and the poem. hope you guys are well soon. sara

  3. Wow, you really have some beautiful language in this poem. Your word choices are fantastic, and very visual. Glad you liked the prompt!

  4. Nice take, using slow and stately for a carousel. I like having the horses bow.

  5. Merci beaucoup, Mlle. Bolden! A rather revolutionary 2 yrs, I would say.

    Day by day, Sara — thank you! Hope your brood of boys hasn’t caught it!

    Thank you, Jilly — it took a while, but your prompt slowly churned up some ideas. A very rich prompt, evocative — thanks!

    And thank you, too, Barbara, I appreciate your coming by.

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