Draft of the Week, #7.

Sweet & sour autumn pie of a poem for you this week.  Well, a tart bite of a teeny piece of pie poem.  We’re all still struggling to get well, et tempus fugit, etc.  A couple words from ReadWritePoem‘s Wordle Word Bank helped get the juices flowing — thanks to those great folks.  This’ll probably stay up for a day or so.


18 responses to “Draft of the Week, #7.”

  1. Elderberries! [censored, sorry!] I love it!

  2. I too love [censored, sorry!]

  3. I love this. And now I’m craving fruit.

  4. This is wonderful, my favorite of the whole batch today.

  5. Sometimes brevity can contain much beauty. Very evocative.

  6. I agree with Francis. You did a lovely job in a small space.

  7. Perfectly delightful! I have to tell you it was your use of the words “wee poem” that sent me over here. I love the word wee; 🙂

  8. [censored, sorry!] is brilliant.

  9. I like the haiku like stanzas and how they appear like bookends to both oppose and respond to each other.

  10. I have to agree. [censored, sorry!] made me gasp in appreciation.

  11. Your poem is mouth watering and I loved reading it. Thank you.

  12. [censored, sorry!] – definitely a winner!

  13. [censored, sorry!] is always good…so is your short poem….think I will get a glass of homemade plummmmmmmy wine

  14. Wonderful juxtaposition of words. I’ve spent many hours picking wild elderberries and steaming the juice out of them over the last few weeks, so those words [censored, sorry!] really spoke to me.

  15. [censored, sorry!] – this is so wonderful!

  16. Thank you so much, everyone! Wordles work well for me, as they jibe with my natural way of doing things. I appreciate your stopping by & commenting!

  17. Sorry, Nathan! I keep my poems up for only a couple days. Better luck next time. 😉

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