Digging out from Under.

Have I ever neglected my blog this long before?  Apologies!  At last I have my beloved iBook back — well, a refurbished clone of my beloved, actually, but it will most certainly do — and I’m so backed up and behind that I’m simply choking out here in the weeds.

It was an interesting couple weeks without a computer.  I didn’t care for it.  I read some novels I’d been meaning to read (The Magicians — enjoyable, despite the protagonist being a bit of a whiner; The Codex — same author, also fun, again despite a lackluster protagonist; The Anthologist — I loved this: the poet-curmudgeon-narrator really grew on me, the po-biz barbs were well-shot, and Baker has some true insights into form; now reading Freddy & Fredericka, which I resisted, though I love Mark Helprin, because I have a hard time sympathizing with privileged characters, but I’m glad I gave in because I’m being swept up).

And of course I read tons of poetryThen, Something (Tupelo’s fall books, so different from each other, are so great in their various ways: Pat Fargnoli’s Then, Something gorgeously meditative, Joan Houlihan’s The Us strange, new, yet accessible, and the lush language of Jennifer Militello’s Flinch of Song).

So far, so good.  However, being cut off from my computer meant being cut off from my poems, all the things I hadn’t yet printed out in hard copies, my manuscript-in-process, the revisions I was working on.  In short, my writing was stymied.  I didn’t write a single new poem during my sojourn in laptop-limbo.  No Draft of the Week this week, I’m afraid.

That said, I still shuffled around with the print-out of the MS I had, and came up with an organization and order and even section breaks that please me, and spent most of last night working on the computer adjusting the file, and just printed out the new version a little while ago.  Flipping through it in its little black spring binder, table of contents and all, is almost as delicious as my chocolate birthday cake.

Yes, I’m a year older now, with vastly more wrinkles.  The sweetest, smilingest part of the day: the boys’ birthday card to me, as dictated by Vincent and transcribed by Lance: “Happy Birthday to the best old Mommie we’ve ever had.  We’re going to share your birthday cake.”  And we did.

Lastly, if you’ve been waiting and wondering, I just received word tonight:  Hunger All Inside shipped today! So look for your copies to arrive in the mail next week — hooray!  If you didn’t order and would like to, you can either go here to order from Finishing Line Press, or contact me directly at mgauthier [dot] hunger [at] gmail [dot] com.  That goes also if you’d like an autographed copy.  I’ve picked out a proper writing implement and am practicing my signature even as I type…

6 responses to “Digging out from Under.”

  1. Wonderful! Just this morning in my sleep deprived blueberry pancake haze I was thinking of your book and hoping. Thanks for the book suggestions.

  2. Thanks, Victoria! I can’t wait! Though I think blueberry pancakes would help…

  3. Hunger All Inside just dropped through my mail slot in the door! It’s lovely and I can’t wait to spend time with it! Am also looking forward to reading the Anthologist. And Freddy and Fredericka…well, I am jealous that you are in the middle of it and I have already read it!

  4. It IS lovely! I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out — I only hope the poems pass muster!

    Did you read Winter’s Tale, by Helprin? It quite literally changed my life.

  5. Yes….Twice.

    Yes!!! The poems pass muster! I am savoring them!

    And Yes! I read Winter’s Tale. I devoured Winter’s Tale. It is time to read it again. I really felt like I existed in an alternate world while I was in the middle of that. Even when I put it down to go to work or buy milk or take the dog for a walk….I was elsewhere.

  6. I’m so glad, Cindy, thank you!

    I once xeroxed the middle section of Winter’s Tale and gave copies to all my co-workers — “If you read nothing else, read THIS.” I love that novel with a deep and abiding passion.

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