Draft of the Week, #8.

I’m tired, still recovering from my run-in with the new world pandemic (though everlastingly grateful to have apparently not infected the boys), and cannot imagine spending one more minute on this poem this week.  I have no perspective on its worth at all right now, just hope it’s worth reading:


4 responses to “Draft of the Week, #8.”

  1. i really like “a planetary garland” and the concept of a poem about little boy blue. 🙂

    definitely “worth” the read and worth working on again when you’re up to it.

  2. Thank you, kind miss ;)…I’ll revisit it on my draft off-week. Maybe I’ll be ready by then.

  3. Positively worth reading and enjoyable too! In fact, I read it a few times, enjoying the internal rhythms and the structure of your lines.

  4. Thank you — and thanks for coming by!

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