Yet More Reasons Why I Love the Internet.

Because I’m constantly discovering new poet crushes, these poets who write such exquisite lines, whose poems I absolutely covet.  This week’s discovery: Carolina Ebeid. You can find some of her poems online

  • Here at Memorious. “Pale / glyph of dog” — seriously, I felt my heart twinge.
  • Here at Agni Online. “The work of grief is perennial.”
  • Here at Perihelion.  “Evening rested its warm heft / like the young beast / unyoked and susurrous.”
  • And here at 32 Poems, the poem that began my Google quest. “”She’ll curve the paper into the shape of a shell / and listen into the sea, its stammerings.”

I am dumbfounded and beyond disappointed that she doesn’t have a book yet for me to grub up an order for somewhere.  How is this possible? Her poems are published widely & well, another instance of how vast the supposedly small po-world is that I haven’t known her work better until now.

Attention: Someone needs to publish this poet’s first book immediately — a chapbook, a gorgeous letterprint or mimeographed number, I don’t care — I need a collection to carry with me at all times.  I’m going to find it necessary to print out these various poems available online and fashion a pamphlet/totem myself.

2 responses to “Yet More Reasons Why I Love the Internet.”

  1. Ebeid’s poem in “32 Poems” is gorgeous! Thank you for posting the link.

  2. Miriam — I’m so glad you agree! Thank you for stopping by.

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