Stripped-down Christmas.

In a confluence of my more austere tendencies and financial necessity, we are celebrating a present-free Christmas this year.  You heard me: present-free.

Fortunately the boys are both young enough that we can do this without their feeling deprived — they don’t yet associate Christmas with loot. Par example:  It snowed this past weekend, and on Sunday, Vincent and I went for a walk into town. Passing by a group of people on the far side of a parking lot, Vincent spontaneously called out to them, “Happy Christmas!”

Christmas to him means snow, lights, songs. Last year, Aidan’s birth and the bookstore’s closing completely eclipsed the holidays. Works for me.  I’m thrilled to extend this utopia another year.

However, if you’re looking for an idea or two, or a budget-conscious reward for yourself, take note of these awesome offers from Tupelo Press:

  • Discover brilliant new voices and enjoy some old favorites with the 2010 Subscription Series.  Nine books for $99! The 2010 Series features stunning new works by Polina Barskova (translated by Ilya Kaminsky), Michael Chitwood, John Cross, Rebecca Dunham, Megan Snyder-Camp, Gary Soto, Stacey Waite, Ellen Doré Watson, and Martha Zwieg.
  • Visit the website to take advantage of these holiday offers during the month of December:
    • Buy One / Get One Offer on Select Titles. Use Promo Code: DECBOGO
    • 25% Off Your Total Book Order. Use Promo Code: DEC25

    Click here to get started!

Keep your favorite small presses and literary journals in mind during the holiday season this year — they need your support now more than ever.

I am well aware that a new Draft of the Week is overdue. Our household is under seige from the common cold — whose symptoms are not any less grievous, especially for the boys, however common they may be — but I’ve got something brewing, and hope to post it later on this week.  Hope being rather key.

7 responses to “Stripped-down Christmas.”

  1. I think this is a stunningly fine idea, Marie. This age is when patterns and expectations are set, and it seems to me that by teaching your children about non-material gifts you give them something quite remarkable. xoxo

  2. i am intensely jealous. you have no idea. i may move in with you all for this season. 🙂

  3. Congrats! Anthony and I are doing a very cheap Christmas — but not totally gift free.

  4. I have to tell you how very much I admire you for having a present-free Christmas — those are two very lucky boys, to have such an amazing mother!

    Also, Marie, my dearest, WHERE did you get the snow for your blog?!

  5. HUZZAH! O, how this has made my day!

  6. I invite everyone who would like to go gift-free to come on over…we’ll feed you & let the unsuspecting boys cute you to coma! 🙂

    It’s so ingrained, though. Even friends who complain about having no funds for the holidays still can’t stop themselves from buying a little something for V & A. One doesn’t wish to be churlish…

  7. With all the wanting and hoping that seems to go into Christmas I want nothing more than to go the same route as you. Up with gift-free holidays!

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