Draft of the Week, #10.

Did you know there’s going to be a partial lunar eclipse on December 31, 2009? I was already working on this poem yesterday when I read this — there are amazing websites that list all the upcoming celestial happenings, and run graphics that show you what the sky/moon/sun will look like during the event.  Because these events always seem to happen at ungodly hours on cloudy nights.

Lots of Collected Poets Series doings right now, keeping me ultra-busy — check out our excitingly full slate for next year — but I hold out hope that I’ll still fulfill Mary’s “3 New Poems before 2010” challenge — and I received a welcome extra boost yesterday in the form of an acceptance from The MacGuffin.  The last couple weeks have seen many long-awaited rejections, a couple personal & encouraging, the rest little form slips.  Sigh. Thus this acceptance has taken on greater significance by virtue of (presumably) being the last word on the matter this year. And this is the 4th NaPoWriMo 2009 poem to be taken so far, nice assurance that the angst was worth it.

This poem will stay up the usual couple days, and then [poof!]:


7 responses to “Draft of the Week, #10.”

  1. “Snow falls in longhand”…”the year’s/dilating eye”…Lovely! And congratulations on the Macguffin acceptance! Good news is better than good, isn’t it?

  2. Oh, Marie, that poem is lovely, lovely! And I like the snow falling on your blog, too!

  3. “Snow falls in longhand” I could fall into that line.

  4. Marie, congrats on the acceptance!
    Love the last stanza here. Good luck with the draft. I’m afraid I haven’t even begun to draft for Mary’s 3’s, but I’m hopeful as well.

  5. Thank you for your kindness, y’all…I hope the only snow I see for a bit is on the blog!

  6. missed the poem, but checked out that line-up. wonderful!!! i put maxine kumin on my calendar. maybe i can drive over!!!

  7. Hey, we’ve got an extra bed if you need a place to stay… I’ll even launder the sheets for you. Actually, that goes for any time.

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