The Storm that Wasn’t.

Out here in the western part of the state we didn’t get so much as a stray snowflake from the so-called blizzard.  We already have a foot of snow on the ground, so I’m not exactly complaining, but it was a surprise to wake up to nothing when I was expecting at least a foot more.

Definitely for the best, however. Last storm we bartered a loaf of fresh-baked bread for our neighbor snow-blowing our driveway.  But I didn’t have enough flour or time to bake this weekend. That came today. And check out that loaf on the right — an experiment, cinnamon raisin. I don’t know about the nutritional value, but seriously, nothing beats the taste of home-made bread.

So I didn’t bake bread, I didn’t shovel snow, and I certainly didn’t do any of the reading and writing I’d been hankering for.  And yet somehow the weekend is gone.  The one poetry task I finished was a grant application. Maybe that’s where my head was: between choosing the poems, filling out the forms, writing up the artist résumé, printing it all up in duplicate, and then waiting in line at the post office — the Christmas season not being the ideal time to have to mail non-xmas items — it took a while. That, at least, is done.

We did watch a DVD Saturday night, “Julie & Julia”, and it was wonderful, I don’t think I stopped smiling throughout the entire movie. Julia Child’s small memoir, My Life in France, is now at the top of my reading list.

But I made the mistake of then Googling Julie Powell, the author of the memoir Julie & Julia (which I haven’t read) which inspired the film, because heavens, Amy Adams is just so darn likable! Not that I mistook a movie for the true story, but I was curious. The movie kind of charts two artists discovering their medium, and I was interested in seeing what Julie Powell was up to lately. Julia, well, nothing new there.

And it turns out that Julie Powell has a new memoir out, Cleaving, which explores a less savory side of food, butchery, as well as detailing the troubles of her marriage. None of which I ever wanted to know.  Which is why I don’t read memoirs.

So now I’m endeavoring to forget everything I read online — not that I read much, one article informed plenty. One of the biggest delights of the movie is its depiction of two truly loving marriages, it was incredibly cockle-warming, and that’s what I’d rather hold on to. It’s winter, and cold enough, blizzard or no.

12 responses to “The Storm that Wasn’t.”

  1. We didn’t get much of the snow either. But that’s okay. Here in Western New York we seldom miss any of the giant snowstorms. Julia & Julia is sitting on top of our DVD player waiting to be watched.

  2. Oh that bread looks good!

  3. Karen, I swear, Meryl Streep is infallible.

    Oh Sandy, I haven’t a prayer, but it’s important to try anyway.

    Mmm, Cindy, it IS good, thank you. 🙂

  4. Dear Marie,
    I LOVED Julie and Julia! I think I’ll stick to Julia’s memoir and skip Julie’s.
    That bread looks terrific! Happy holidays – I’ll be crossing my fingers for you on the grant.

  5. Thank you, Jeannine — hope springs eternal. Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. I cannot wait to see that movie and learn how to make bread too. We are currently sitting under more and more snow, but there is no where we need to be and it feels wonderful. I hope you and your family had a fantastic giftless Christmas. Good luck with the grant.

  7. Victoria, all the rising makes bread time-consuming, but it’s really quite easy, so fear not — go for it! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  8. Oh, Marie, I just had to follow up – I ended reading Julie Powell’s entire Julie/Julia project blog, still archived on – and the best thing about it, besides learning a lot of terms for food en francais that I managed to never learn in all my years of French classes, was reading her reactions to Buffy all the way through the blog. Especially towards the end. I’m not sure if the Buffy commentary made it into her book, though – but it’s definitely one of the most interesting parts fo the blog.

  9. Man, if I didn’t already have so much to read I’d be there right now, Jeannine, after what you just told me! Thanks for that, I’ll definitely make my way there sooner than later!

  10. I thought Julie and Julia the book was utterly fantastic. Julie is so hilarious throughout the book. And there is plenty of Buffy commentary in the book. I’m actually apprehensive about the movie because the book is so good.
    I’m not crazy about the topic of her forthcoming book, but her writing abilities are making me wait and see…

  11. Carol, thanks for the endorsement — like I said, I haven’t read the book, but I adored the movie!

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