Draft of the Week, #14: Part III

NEW YORKER illustration from review of WORDS IN AIR.

Writing this last cento using poems by both Lowell and Bishop was the most gratifying of work. Putting their voices, these two poets who were such good friends, in direct dialogue with each other gradually took on more and more significance for me. It feels like a Valentine of sorts.

Thanks again to Carolee and Jill over at ReadWritePoem for the cento education!

This’ll come down in a couple days. Hope your Valentine brings you chocolate.


4 responses to “Draft of the Week, #14: Part III”

  1. “Nowhere is anywhere after a summer” what a beautiful line.
    Nice read.


  2. Thank you, Pamela, again, for reading & commenting. I appreciate it.

  3. marie, you have a wonderful cento here. it’s really like these lines belonged in this configuration. wow!

  4. Thanks, Carolee — I really enjoyed working with centos, & through them working with Bishop & Lowell. Really rewarding experience — thanks for the challenge!

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