Draft of the Week, #15

If I’m going to participate in NaPoWriMo this year, which is by no means assured, then I may have to stop writing for March and begin working on a game plan. But that’s another post.

Today’s poem used some words from a wordle ReadWritePoem prompt. Only some words. But they were a big help in narrowing my focus, so my thanks to them for another solid challenge.

As usual, this will stay up for a short time only. Any & all comments are welcome.


7 responses to “Draft of the Week, #15”

  1. Lovely meditation on sibling rivalry. Being an only child, I envy what siblings share growing up. You capture the delicacy of that so beautifully in these lines:


  2. This is a lovely poem about sharing sibling life. Nice!


  3. This is splendid… reminds me of me and my brothers. πŸ™‚ I like how you gave the appellation of “bolero”, as that really helped set the rhythm and pace in my mind, and brought all of the beautiful word choices to life. Me encanta!

  4. I enjoyed this, Marie. Great observations on life and siblinghood. I particularly liked the flow and meaning of these words:


    (Don’t I know it?!)

  5. I like the idea of family relationships moving through a dance. “O protean child!” is a wonderful phrasing somewhere between exultation and exasperation, touching them both.

  6. Unlike Liz I never liked the idea of siblings especially brothers.
    In other families it all looked hellish!The only advantage I can see in it is that it prepares one for interaction with other people who are by and large hideous!Very interesting poem.

  7. Liz, thank you — I’ve had occasion to envy only children, too!

    Pamela, you’re very nice. Thank you!

    Joseph, I’m so glad you like the bolero. I’m still not 100% happy with the rhythm — but thanks so much!

    Paul, thank you, I’m happy this worked for you!

    Nelle, you’ve got it exactly, thank you!

    Rallentanda, interesting perspective. πŸ˜‰ Thanks.

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