Rainy Day Bliss

Vincent van Gauthier

Aidan discovering blue looks better than it tastes.

Ask and you shall receive — only one rainy day, and it flew by, but what a lovely day it was. I didn’t actually accomplish any writing — too much else backed up at the station — but I sent out a clutch of new submissions on the heels of a rejection and two acceptances, which always leaves me feeling virtuous and happy. Sending out submissions, I mean. Some writers don’t enjoy that part of the process, but it’s exciting to me, all the possibilities. It’s the waiting that crazes, the interminable silence.

Now it’s 75º and Aidan is attempting to put on every single piece of outerwear he can get his hands on. He’s quite independent that way. And hot.

3 responses to “Rainy Day Bliss”

  1. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing, and big congrats on the acceptances. I, too, love the act of sending out poems. Fills me with hope every time. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for this batch of your work!

  2. Thanks, Sandy — it’s quite possible that I’m addicted to submitting… in a completely non-S&M sort of way…

  3. Yes, you notice that I changed “love submitting” to “love the act of sending out poems.” Hah!

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