If wishes were sunny days

"When we say, bath, we mean foot bath. And when we say, foot bath, we mean in mud. Capisce?"

The clean-up on that little adventure was an absolute beast. Oh the screams! As if soap was acid. Good times.

Writing poems is akin to taking mudbaths — you have to be willing to immerse yourself in the muck, revel in the muck, save the worries about clean-up for later — but as a metaphor it’s a trifle watered-down, and I have some mucking about to do of my own, and, as usual, time is short.

For more intelligent and not-even-a-little academic discussions on poetry, these are a couple stops to make:

*This Poetry Daily prose feature from the winter. Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review began a new feature with its winter issue called 4×4, in which four contributors answer four questions. One of the respondents for this piece is Lawrence Raab, who read as part of the Collected Poets Series (CPS) in April, and was an utter delight. This 4×4 was a great read —  another journal to add to my subscription list.

*Many of you already regularly haunt the How a Poem Happens blog, but in case not, this interview with Nickole Brown (who is going to read on June 3 for CPS! Can’t wait!), in which she discusses the genesis and process of her poem, “Footling,” is not to be missed.

    3 responses to “If wishes were sunny days”

    1. hampden-sydney is near where i live. it’s a giant frat, i’m pretty sure…so i didn’t realize that had poetry.

    2. Like Stephen, I didn’t know Hampden-Sydney had a poetry presence. I will have to check it out.

      And thanks for a bit about the reading series. Nice to hear what’s going on in Western MA.

    3. H-S‘s new-since-2008 editor, Nathaniel Perry, used to be with lyric poetry review, and seems to be doing a great job reviving interest. Alas, he rejected me.

      Frankly, if not for H-S, I wouldn’t know Hampden-Sydney exists.

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