Because I’m a tinkerer…

…and because the colors were harsh, the primary blues against a white background, the black title. I liked the direction I was heading in, but I wasn’t there yet. So yes, another tweak in the design, which I find subtler and gentler on the eyes. Because it’s summer, and my eyes could use the rest.

Also because it’s summer: two terrific sales!

This week only, McSweeney’s is running its once-a-year Garage Sale — we’re talking serious discounts here. Thanks to NewPages for the info.

And, AND, Pitt Poetry Press — PITT POETRY PRESS! — has a summer sale of its own: 50% off select titles. Their list is enviable, and they’re practically giving the books away!

Thanks to Anne for posting this on Facebook.

Not that I can buy a single book — my cash-strapped status has begun to calcify. Do you know of any other book sales to taunt me with?

4 responses to “Because I’m a tinkerer…”

  1. How funny — just a second ago I was looking at wordpress templates and thinking, “isn’t it time for a change?” But I couldn’t find one I liked — this is nice though!!

  2. Dzanc Books is having a great sale, too! Tempting….

  3. Good to know about these bargains! Thanks!

  4. […] Marie Gauthier, University of Pittsburgh Press is having a half-price sale on their poetry list until August […]

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