Happy Fourth!

Reason enough to celebrate: I have conquered at least  half of my computer challenges, hurrah, I’m back — Freedom! — Happy Fourth of July!

We went to the Greenfield fireworks last night — what a thing! We were completely bowled over — Vincent “Wow!”-ed and “Oh my gosh!”-ed with popping eyes — Aidan, while he refrained from getting hysterical, huddled and whimpered in my arms until he passed out. At which point I checked his pulse. Just to be sure.

I’m a thrifty person, by nature and necessity, and deeply resist spending money on non-essentials (books do not fall under that rubric even a little), so I wondered a little bit about the expense of such an awesome display during these times when towns are struggling with their budgets.

Looking at Vincent’s face all lit up, how enthralled he was — not to mention the thousands of others hooting in delight (it took a very long time to get home) — I think it was worth it.

I hope you’re having a marvelous weekend!

3 responses to “Happy Fourth!”

  1. Love this photo and this story. I’ve had the same economic dilemma about big holiday displays, but you make a good point about the joy it brings.

  2. Thanks, Sandy — not my photo, but a random pic I loved that I found through Google. Not a private photo, but I couldn’t find a name to credit.

    Another aspect to ponder — for those too poor to enjoy a vacation away, fireworks displays might be the highlight of the summer…

  3. Great point about the highlight of the summer for those less fortunate. I certainly know that was the case for me as a kid. Thanks for the reminder.

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